Impacting People & the Planet

Public Relations, Systems & Green Technologies Pat Willis Eco Solutions


Improving your public image

Reduce costs and implement new eco solutions

Capitalize on Competitive Advantage

Reduce Environmental Impacts

Maintain and Attract Top Talent


We assist organisations with authentic green focus and those without to gain recognition. We work with them to aim for the highest standards. Whether the enterprise is green to the core or a well-intentioned organisation looking to promote eco products, services, or projects, we can help.

We practise Integrated Public Relations in a unique way  to deliver accountable, effective and thought provoking ideas wrapped around clients management activities, creating greater impact and improved effectiveness.

Our unique method combines business structures and management consultancy with the incisiveness and creativity of the best communication practices, broadening clients reach and energising their investment.

Through dedication to value-added services, international networking and key strategic relationships, we have built trusted reputation with the media and industry experts to produce results for emerging and established companies.

We are regular attendees and participants of key industry events, including Wind Power, Solar Power International, Inter Solar Europe, National Biofuels, RETECH and Green:Net.

We also constantly monitor and offer our opinions on how public policy and the media are shaping the high tech industry.

Bottom line: We are helping to impact people and the planet.

We look forward to speak with you to learn about your company’s requirements and to put together a program that supports your organisations objectives within your budget.